Day 15 – San Mateo – Maker Faire (and the Swinging Door)

The Maker Faire in San Mateo is huge, with California and the Bay Area in particular being the home of many technological innovators both past and present.

With a selection of unusual vehicles from the Burning Man festivals in attendance, hundreds of stalls showcasing new ideas and gadgets – with many inventors seeking Kickstarter support to get their ideas and prototypes into production.

A large variety of vendors showcasing everything from the familiar constructive toys like Lego, the latest hi-tech kits from Arduino and Raspberry Pi, to the latest in 3D printing machines.

There were also a huge number of Hacker groups seeking to recruit new members Рfor those who think this is someone who breaks into computers Рit is a term used to describe someone who is creative, not destructive Рsee What is a Hacker for more information.

You could easily spend a week walking round here and still not see everything, we satisfied ourselves with a few hours wandering before heading to the conveniently located Swinging Door – ‘English Pub’ – where we downed a few drinks.

Besides the drinks this place also has some incredible food, the XXX Habanero chicken burger comes with a disclaimer which must be signed before you can order. WARNING: Unless you have a mouth, throat and stomach lined with asbestos don’t even tempt fate with the milder Super Spicy version.

Sucked in by beer, food and the incredible selection of music on the jukebox we ended up enjoying the rest of the evening here – staying right up until the last train back to San Francisco.

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