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Day 15 – The last thing we saw before we went to catch the plane…

Not the best view, but you can see Interstate 101 with the Caltrain running behind…

I have loads more piccies that i haven’t posted from the whole trip. To be honest though, the ones I have posted give you the best idea of what we got up to over the 15 days we were there. If you want to see any of the others, let me know!



Day 10 – High (I)5

Day 08 – Santa Rosa to Sacramento (in the rain)

Looks like we’re going to have to bite the bullet and change our route plans…

The weather in California for the last 2 days has been more like the weather in Manchester!  Crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains to head to Vegas is looking fairly impossible at the moment as it’s snowing up there.

We’re now looking at heading south to Fresno, then onto LA a couple of days earlier. This means missing out Vegas and the Grand Canyon …bummer (Well that’s next years holiday decided early…)

Here’s where we’ve been so far in the RV :-

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Will keep everyone updated and hopefully have some better pictures soon!


Day 03 – San Fran at last

Not many pictures today, sorry!

Day 02 – Nerdgasm!

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